Thoughts on “The Taco Cleanse”

Have you heard of ‘The Taco Cleanse: The Tortilla-Based Diet Proven to Change Your Life‘?  It’s been all over the media lately so I had to look into this, because who doesn’t love tacos!?  No one, that’s who!

Here’s a quick link to the website (yes, the Taco Cleanse has its own website, and cookbook too!):

In short, the Taco Cleanse claims to have the power to do everything from grow beards, help women conceive, to aligning chakras into an optimal taco pattern!

I am honestly already in love with the Taco Cleanse and I don’t even own the book.  Here are a few reasons why the Taco Cleanse might be right for you:

  1. It doesn’t take itself too seriously!  Yeah for a sense of humor!
  2. It is totally vegan, soooo lots of plants!!!
  3. I love anything that pokes fun at food trends and offers great food in exchange!
  4. The Taco Cleanse isn’t all tortillas and plants.  They really do a great job trying to focus on loving you for who you are and pointing out that any cleanse, even if it’s based on tacos, won’t bring any more happiness into your life than you already have.
  5. They are anti-diet, like Eat Coach Live!!  Diets are dangerous, but food, real food is not!  You should love food and love to eat.  Focus on eating real foods, made by God and not a factory and you will be great!!  Even, no ESPECIALLY real food tacos!!

So that’s my take on the wonderful Taco Cleanse.  It’s only book wish list, so hopefully I get to try out some of the taco recipes soon.  Check it out and tell me what you think!!


Taco cleanse


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