Health Benefits of Zucchini #atozchallenge

Zucchini is a popular summer squash and is also considered a fruit even though it is often cooked as a vegetable.  Even though zucchini is grown year round, it’s prime season is from May to July.  Nearly ever part of the fruit is edible from the skin, to the seeds, and insides.


  • Zucchini is great for helping you lose weight because it is a low-calorie food that helps your feel full longer.  Zucchini is also high in water and fiber, making it a great aid for digestion and constipation.
  • Zucchini is also high in antioxidants which are important to a healthy immune system, healthy skin and hair, and have important anti-aging properties too.
  • With high amounts of folates, eating zucchini during pregnancy can help protect newborns against neural tube defects.
  • Zucchini is a good source of potassium, which helps regulate electrolyte balance and maintain a healthy blood pressure and heart rate.
  • Zucchini is said to be good at reducing BPH (benign prostatic hypertrophy) symptoms in men, helping with both sexual and urinary function.
  • The beta-carotene and vitamin C in zucchini has anti-inflammatory properties that can help control the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, osteo-arthritis and asthma.
  • The fruit is also high in manganese which, in combination with vitamin C, helps keep the heart strong, reducing the risk of heart attack and stroke.


Tips to eating more zucchini:
Zucchini are easy to slice into salads, add to soups, roast with some olive oil in the oven, or add to the grill.  You can also add zucchini into breads and desserts.  Run zucchini through a spiralizer to create some healthy plant-based noodles for spaghetti night. It’s important to keep the skin on zucchini in tact as that has the most nutrients.




  1. betty

    Zucchini is a favorite veggie of mine. I didn’t realize all the good benefits of eating it! Of course probably the way we prepare it might not be very healthy but definitely tasty 🙂

    congrats for making it to the end of the challenge!


  2. Random Musings

    I didn’t know zuchinnis were so good for you! I’ll have to try and eat more of them 🙂

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